Medical Check In

Patient Queuing made easy!

Medical Check In Replaces the Sign In Sheet

HIPAA was the original driving force behind electronic patient sign in sheets but today they have become much more vital to office efficiency. Replacing the paper sign in sheet with a patient queuing system adds privacy and organization from the moment a patient walks in.

The benefits of an electronic sign in sheet add up to savings and increased profitability. Starting with improved legibility and accuracy of each patient. Medical Check In will sort patients by department and needs allowing multiple office staff to respond quicker. In the end, management will have valuable documentation and reports to better analyze office performance and staffing needs.

Medical Check In iPad kiosk screen shot

Medical Check In provides HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Privacy for both medical practice and patient are crucial to patient confidence. A paper sign in sheet exposes patient names. Medical Check In collects patient information without allowing the public to see any private information.

Medical Check In accurately time stamps each patient


When patients sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With Medical Check In you get legible names and accurate time stamps for every stage of the visit.

Medical Check In organizes patients into an easy check list display


Medical Check In automatically sorts and organizes patients into a check list style display. Separate your patients with up to 12 departments and 12 reasons per department. The patient list becomes a checklist for staff.

Medical Check In can reduce wait times at check in

Reduced Wait Times

With instant on-screen notifications and the ability to share the sign in sheet across multiple locations in the office, the response time is shortened. Seconds count when multiplied by amount of patients coming through

Medical Check In can improve response time of your staff

Faster Service

Efficiency and Organization add up to faster service. Faster Customer Service leads to more profit. Reducing interruptions saves up to 2 minutes per patient. Saving 2 minutes per patient on 60 patients recovers 2 hours per day.

Medical Check In provides statistical reports about patients and the office efficiency


The information and timestamps collected by Medical Check In provides valuable documentation and reports. These reports are used to evaluate performance of departments, staff and office down to the hourly increment.

Patient Kiosk ScreenShots

Available for Apple iPad, Android or PC Touch Screen

Medical Check In screen 1 asks for patient name

Ask for the Name

Optionally ask DOB, Phone, Text or Yes/No Questions

Medical Check In screen 2 asks for the patients reason for visit

Choose A Reason

12 Depts & 12 Reasons per Dept

Medical Check In screen 3 acknowledges patients sign in

Give Confirmation

Customize your message

My Mobile Check In compatible. Allows check in from cell phone
My Mobile Check In

Patients can check in
from a cell phone

Medical Check In is compatible with the My Mobile Check In app for cell phones. This allows customers to check in using a cell phone.
A faster and safer way to check in.

Learn More

Patient Information is organized and
sent to your desktop
in a check list style display

Sample Desktop Patient List for Queuing

This is one of the screens your staff can use to view and check off patients as they arrive

Medical Check In makes it easy to organize your patients into a check list style display.

Standard System Features

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Data
Automatic Updates
Automatic Backup
Lobby TV Display
Call by Last 4 of Phone #
Call by Ticket number
Free 14 day Trial
Pay by Credit Card
Pay by Check
My Mobile Check In Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
BAA Included
Fully Encrypted
De-Identify after 30 day option
Auto Delete after 30 day option
Standard Display
Up to 6 Stages
Wait Time Reports
Daily Reports
Export Data to Excel
Monthly or Annual Subscription
Mobile Check In App included

Choose your Hardware

Hardware is a one time purchase. You own the hardware. Either hardware package is used for the lobby touch screen kiosk. You may purchase hardware from us or any other vendor of your choice

Apple iPad & Stand

Apple iPad 10.2" in secure stand

Medical Check In using the counter top iPad stand Learn More

Touch Dynamics PC

15" Windows 10 Touch PC

Medical Check In using windows 10 based PC for the customer kiosk Learn More

POS-X T2 Terminal

15" Android w/Ticket System

Medical Check In using Ticket based customer kiosk Learn More

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We automatically include the BAA required by HIPAA Rules

Business Associate Agreement Included

You are protected from day 1

In compliance with HIPAA Regulations, our system provides you with a BAA from the moment you login. All our systems are encrypted at rest and in motion. We actively track and maintain the policies and procedures required by HIPAA & HITECH

HIPAA Compliant Features

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Data Encryption at Rest
  • Data Encryption in Motion
  • Dedicated Databases
  • All data stored in USA
  • Expiring Passwords
  • Role based Security
  • Encrypted Daily Backups
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Attempted Login Lockout
  • Published HIPAA Policies

Medical Check In comes with Free Training and unlimited support to follow

Free Training Included

Unlimited Support & Training

We are happy to you get started and get the most from Medical Check In. As soon as your system is setup, we can schedule a short training call to walk you and your team through setup and the daily usage of our system. During this call you can ask questions, tailor the system to your business and get a real feel for how it's going to help organize your patients.

Talk with live people for Training & Support

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Support
  • BAA Included
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  • BAA Included
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