Medical Check In

Accounting & Billing

In an effort to keep our prices low, we have established accounting policies to be applied across all software, hardware and services.


  • Our standard payment methods are Credit Card or Check
  • All hardware must be paid before shipment regardless of payment method
  • We will provide invoicing upon request but the date of the subscription shall prevail as the due date regardless of invoice date

Purchase Orders

Check In Systems is no longer accepting purchase orders. In the alternative, we offer 30 days credit terms as follows;

Credit Terms

  • Maximum Terms 30 days
  • No interest or other charges will apply
  • May be used for software only
  • Must be in good standing from previous invoices
  • Date of the subscription plus 30 days shall prevail as the due date


Subscriber may terminate services at anytime understanding that access to the system will be terminated and all data of the subscriber will be destroyed. Check In Systems Inc. may terminate this agreement for non-payment whereby access to the system will be terminated and all data of the subscriber will be destroyed.

Regardless of reason or date for termination, the subscriber will not be entitled to refund or credit of any funds paid. If, at the time of termination, time is remaining on the subscription, the subscriber may reinstate access to the system for the remainder of the subscription.

Enhanced Documentation Program

Our software and systems are designed around a low cost, high value business model. The software is a template software and includes standardized Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreements. If additional agreements, documentation or insurance requirements are needed, you may opt for our Enhanced Documentation Program.


Our Enhanced Documentation Program includes an annual fee. These costs are needed to cover additional business costs such as administration, legal fees, tracking, annual review, additional staff and additional insurance.

What's Covered

Risk Assessment questionnaires. Although our policies and procedures are posted, you may require our staff to fill out additional questionnaires or documentation to meet your companies specific requirements. Under our Enhanced Documentation Program, we will have our staff complete your questionnaires.

Specific BAA. If your company needs a non-standard Business Associate Agreement, we will review the BAA and negotiate a signed contract that replaces our standard BAA. Only one BAA shall be in effect. A specific clause must be included that states the BAA replaces any and all other BAA agreements.