Medical Check In

POS-X Android with optional Printer

POS-X T2 Android All-in-One for Medical Check In

POS-X T2 15" Android

The POS-X T2 unit provides a solid, secure device with an optional printer to use for the kiosk to Medical Check In. It is a commercial grade unit oftn used for Point-of-Sale applications. Program up to 12 reasons for visit and 12 subreasons, ask dob, ask phone and more.

  • 15" Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 3" Thermal Printer
  • Ethernet and Wifi
  • Android 7 Operating System
  • $649.00 Basic Unit
  • $799.00 including Printer

Connect to the Internet using Ethernet or Wifi
Open the Application Store
Tap on the Medical Check In Application
Enter your System ID and Password
Run it

Using your own Android Tablet

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a generic Android application. Our Android Application is designed for specific use on specific devices.