Mobile Check In

Patients check in using a cell phone

Mobile Check In is a simple app for patients to check in from up to 400 yards away. This gives your office a larger waiting area and keeps everyone safe. Patients can check in from their car and stay comfortable until you are ready for them.
Mobile Check In is included with every Medical Check In system.

SMS Texting
Add the SMS Text option to make it even more efficient. With the texting feature, you can send a text to the patient when you are ready for the to come in. This allows the patient to wait anywhere.

Medical Check In provides HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Privacy for both medical practice and patient are crucial to patient confidence. All information is encrypted

Medical Check In accurately time stamps each patient


Patients use a pre-filled profile. One touch and they send all their information direct to your check in system.

Medical Check In organizes patients into an easy check list display

Touch Free

With Mobile Check In, patients use their own cell phone device and never have to touch a kiosk making them feel safer

Mobile Check In Screenshots

Opening Screen

Create a Profile

Fill in your basic info

Pick a Location

Choose a location to Check In

Pick a Profile

Choose the information to send

Load the App and try today!